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10 Cool Ways to Style Formal Shirts this Summer

Summer is here, and it is the time to start styling your outfits accordingly. When it comes to summer fashion, formal shirts are not the first thing that comes to mind. Though, with a little styling, you can make it work. Whether it is an outdoor wedding, a company picnic, or a dinner, shirts will keep you feeling cool. Paired perfectly, even a simple black and white shirt for men can look stylish. 

We have come up with some of the best summer outfit ideas incorporating a shirt for you. These are the best summer essentials and are suited for the hot summer weather. From layering to accessorizing, we cover everything. Here is a bare-bones capsule wardrobe for your summer outfits.  

1. Business Suits for Summer

Wearing a suit in the hot summer is terrifying. You will get hot, and you will feel sweaty. Moreover, if the AC turns down, what are you going to do? This is why you must pay attention to the cloth and the color of the suit. For the hot and humid weather, linen or cotton clothing is the best. Loosely-woven fabrics like these are the perfect fit for suits or coats. You will feel relaxed, and the suit will even go with your black and white shirt. Though you might want to wear more light colors in this weather, opt for colors like white, beige, gray, or off-white. Make sure your summer suit is lightweight wool, linen, or cotton and of a light color. You can go for a double-breasted suit with a good Oxford shirt in a light color. Add on a good tie and a pocket square with some loafers. This ensemble is both classy and sophisticated. 

2. Classic Summer Shorts

Shorts are something every man has as his summer staple. You can pair your shirts with some solid neutral color shorts. Standard khaki-colored chino shorts also look good. As for the shirts, choose a good black and white shirt to pair with some tailored shorts. Additionally, you can go for floral or tropical prints with some solid-color shorts. Experiment with shorts in different patterns or styles. If you are going for a light-colored shirt, choose light-colored shorts as well. Wearing shorts at your workplace is not a bad idea as well if it is more casual. In fact, nothing is better than wearing shorts and being able to work. You will be able to achieve a preppy look with some casual khaki shorts. Choose a solid color shirt with it and add a leather belt.  

3.Casual Chinos

Chinos are always the best fit with shirts of all sizes and colors. They look much more sharp and cool in warm weather than in heavy denim. You can’t go wrong with navy, gray, white, or khaki chinos. Shirts and pants are the best combinations for any interview or a casual meeting as well. When you don’t know what to wear, chinos are your go-to. Pair classic khaki chinos with a good black and white shirt for men. For a blend of classic and contemporary styles, try pairing solid-colored chinos with a striped shirt. Try some gray chinos with a black shirt or white chinos with a green shirt. Experiment with different styles and colors and make an outfit.  

4. No-Show Socks

Wearing socks in summer can be extremely uncomfortable. Though, try on some no-show socks or shoe inserts. You can pair a navy blue shirt with matching no-show socks for a relaxed look. For an edgier look, add on some derby shoes as well. For a more elegant look, you can also put on some brown suede loafers. These are designed to be hidden, so they make a good combination for darker-tone shirts. You want your shirt to be the main focus. For a more stylish look, you can pair your black and white shirt with some shoe inserts. Wear no-show socks with sneakers or boat shoes to ensure comfort.   

5. Stylish Sweater Vests

Lightweight knitwear is perfect for cooler summer evenings and office looks. You can go for a linen blend or cotton blend sweater. Gone are the days of rigid suits and coats. It is a versatile and stylish option for people who want a little warmth. People who have highly air-conditioned offices can easily wear these. Knitwear is a great option for office-going people who have late-night shifts. Let’s say you are going to a summer festival and want to look stylish. All you have to do is pair a good black and white shirt for men with classic knitwear. Pair it with chinos or tailored trousers and some sneakers. Choose a lightweight sweater or cardigan in neutral tones. Get some light-colored shirts for darker vests and dark-colored shirts for lighter ones.  

6. Seersucker Suits

Seersucker suits and pants are a summer staple. Pair them with a tucked-in formal shirt for a polished and stylish look. Opt for light colors such as light blue or khaki for a summery feel. Seersucker suits come in several colors, but the most popular ones are blue and white. These are usually striped with light and dark colors. The stripes are what give the suit a timeless and classy look. When it comes to a suit like this, always keep it elegant and simple. Pair a light-colored seersucker suit with a black and white shirt. For darker colors, try finding a shirt in shades of mixed hues. Loafers or boat shoes are a perfect choice but do avoid leather shoes. You do not want to be all sweaty in them.   

7. Poolside Look with Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are the most important accessory when it comes to poolside. These are a great way to protect you from the sun and make you look stylish. For a casual summer look, you can pair your bucket hat with a Hawaiian print shirt. Get some beachy sandals and bootcut jeans for a 90s-inspired look. Floral shirts are a go-to when it comes to beach vibes and summer outfits. Take a shirt in different intricate floral prints and the brightest colors possible. A bucket hat can also be an interesting twist to a classic suit. Look for a black and white shirt for men to pair with a similar color hat. Find some good dress shoes or sneakers in the same color as your bucket hat. Whether you are out running errands or going to beach parties, bucket hats are your companion. You can also combine a graphic printed shirt with a white bucket hat to look more stylish.   

8. Striped Shirts with Classic Denim

Stripes will never go out of fashion from menswear. Rocking the very simple striped look is all about choosing the right kind of stripe to go with. Consider your body type and match the pattern accordingly. The most appropriate way to style your striped shirt is with classic denim. While styling, keep in mind the style and fit of the shirt. Leave the shirt untucked and choose a pair of distressed denim jeans. You can go for a striped pattern with a black and white shirt for men. Add a pair of minimalist sneakers and rock that outfit. The beauty of this look is a representation of your free spirit. The denim harmonizes with the striped design of the shirt and gives an effortless look.

9. Leather Belts

Leather belts have been and always will be a great add-on to menswear. Shirts with leather belts create a polished and put-together look. Pairing a shirt with a leather belt will give you a sophisticated look like no other. You can easily accentuate your style with a classic leather belt; how fascinating is that? Whether it’s a casual button-up or a formal dress shirt, belts can create a more silhouetted look. A black and white shirt with a leather belt can be styled with everything. Pair it with pants, chinos, denim, or shorts, your fit will look amazing. Opt for a belt that complements the color of your shirt and bottoms. This combination works well for both casual and formal occasions. Choose leather belts in shades of blue or black if you are wearing a light-colored shirt. Leather belts with lighter colors are difficult to find, but you can always go with a white one. Get a white belt for darker shirt colors like blue or brown.

10. Try the Undershirt Look

We’ve made it so far into this article; here is our last but not least preference. Undershirts are somewhat more casual. Make sure your undershirt is always of a light color. Undershirts are worn underneath a shirt that you want to show. If you do not want to necessarily wear two shirts, try a T-shirt. You can easily style a t-shirt under your base shirt. It’s the modern day world and nobody has the time to think about what to wear under shirts. A checked black and white shirt for men is the first thing that might come to your mind with this style. Just put on a neutral-tone undershirt and style your checkered shirt on top of it. Make sure to unbutton your shirt and let the undershirt show a bit.   


Menswear for summer is meant to be easy, breezy, and sharp. Summer does not mean that you have to compromise on your style. Get ready to take on those mighty summer rays and weather with a breeze. The key to summer outfits is to wear lightweight clothes and bright colors. At Daisy Fashion, we have the most exquisite range of summer shirts. Whether it’s a classic button-up or slim fit, we have everything. Shirts are a summer staple. The above-mentioned is a complete guide to styling your shirts for your summer outfits. You can shop our collection for the best shirts for men in all patterns and colors. We have the biggest range of black and white shirts for men in all sizes and fits. Made from premium cotton, our shirts can be worn for formal and casual events. So, dressing isn’t tough regardless of the season; shop our collection today. 

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